Advantages of the air purifier KA-520

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Tip-proof, sure-footed, theft-proof

As a quality product "Made in Germany", the KA-520 air purifier offers you a number of advantages over comparable devices. This makes it the ideal partner at your side when it comes to creating a safe indoor climate.

Theft protection and safety fastening

The air purifiers have an enclosed safety eyelet. This can be used to protect the air cleaner against theft, for example by means of a safety rope, or to secure it against falling if the system is elevated.

Finger and pen security

All openings that can be reached during operation as well as when changing the filter have a small diameter, so that dangerous areas cannot be reached with fingers or pens or can get stuck (GUV Kindergarten guideline as well as DIN EN 60335)


The cable connection to the socket is provided with an enclosed IEC connector. This is plugged into both the air cleaner and the existing socket. If someone trips over the cable, it simply goes out of the socket. The air purifier is not damaged in this way and the risk of an electric shock from cables running out is practically eliminated.

Stable structure

The self-supporting housing structure made of sheet steel can withstand improper use (e.g. sitting or standing on the device).

Security against tipping

The devices clearly meet the tilting stability of at least 10 ° required by DIN EN 60335. Max. Inclination standing 20 °, lying 40 °.


The housing is made of 1mm sheet steel and can therefore withstand a robust application. The color is designed as a powder coating, which is significantly more scratch-resistant than a simpler wet paint.

Power safe

The air purifier has its own electrical fuse that provides additional protection for normal house security.

No radiation

The air purifier dispenses with UV-C radiation for air purification but relies on very large filter surfaces. UV-C radiation is harmful to the eyes or skin when viewed directly, which is why we do not use this technology.


All corners of the device are rounded to a minimum radius of 2mm. This corresponds to the requirements of the guideline for kindergartens (GUV) and schools as well as the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12100-2

Hygienically harmless according to VDI 6022

Hygiene-compliant according to VDI-6022: 2018-01 guideline "Hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and devices" tested by the external test laboratory HYBETA GmbH

Proof of function according to DIN EN ISO 14644

Functional test according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1: 2016-06 "Clean rooms and associated clean room areas" carried out by the external test laboratory HYBETA GmbH with confirmed particle and germ reduction

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Certified hygienic suitability

followingVDI 6022-1:2018-01