Kampmann air purifier KA-520

Powerful air purification: Regardless of whether it is allergens, pollutants or aerosols acts.

In closed rooms (e.g. living rooms, offices, cafés, hotel rooms, waiting rooms etc.) the concentration of these potentially harmful particles and gases is between 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. The air purifier KA-520 counteracts this burden of viruses, bacteria and allergens and filters 99.995% of these particles out of the ambient air.
As "climate experts" we can offer you the right air purifier for any desired location.

Air purifier KA-520 L.

The air purifier in size L is the ideal device for rooms in which few people stay for a short time, e.g. treatment rooms in physiotherapy.

Room sizes up to approx. 25m²
Air flow up to 330 m³ / h

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Air purifier KA-520 XL

In size XL, the KA-520 air purifier is the ideal device for large rooms in which a high air flow rate is required and the noise level is insignificant.

Room sizes up to approx. 50m²
Air flow up to 720 m³ / h

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Air purifier KA-520 XL Pro

In size XL Pro, the KA-520 air purifier is the ideal device for large rooms in which a high air flow rate and a minimal noise level is required.

Room sizes up to approx. 50m²
Air flow up to 720 m³ / h

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Air purifier KA-520 XXL

The KA-520 XXL model combines high air flow with a low noise level and is the best choice for both office and school.

Room sizes up to approx. 100m²
Air flow up to 1340 m³ / h

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Air purifier KA-520 XXL Pro

The KA-520 XXL Pro air purifier is the high-performance counterpart of our successful model KA-520 XXL and convinces with a lower noise level combined with a further increase in performance.

Room sizes up to approx. 120m²
Air flow up to 2310 m³ / h

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Kampmann C02 ‘traffic light’

The portable C02 ‘traffic light’ indicator from Kampmann offers you reliable protection against excessive CO2 and aerosol pollution.

Thanks to the clearly visible indicator LED, you can always keep an eye on the indoor air quality.

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What is being filtered?

The integrated, powerful and easy to change HEPA filter removes allergens, bacteria and viruses, such as:






House dust

and many more, such as: industrial fumes, household fumes, cleaning agents, car exhaust fumes, animal sheds & smoke.

Learn more about aerosols and suspended solids

Effect test air purifier KA-520

In an effectiveness test, we will show you how the KA-520 air purifier works on the basis of mist aerosols. Convince yourself of the effectiveness.

How is it filtered?

HEPA filter class 14

When designing the KA-520 air purifier, a closed filter system was used to ensure that the air supplied can be fully filtered and released into the room air.

In order to achieve this efficient filtering of the room air, we use a HEPA class 14 filter in all of our device variants.

learn more about HEPA filters

Special features of the air purifier KA-520

We know what good air is all about.

When we do something at Kampmann, we do it right. We design, construct and manufacture air conditioning units "on point". We always have only one goal. Our products should convince with performance. We remain true to ourselves with the KA-520 air purifier and have, among other things, focused on the following properties:

Cost effective
Low maintenance

Let our engineering skills convince you. Made in Germany.

Good choice.

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