Fine particles in the air

Viruses, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, mites, house dust and much more.

Aerosols are mixtures of solid and liquid suspended particles, small droplets that viruses such as Covid-19 can spread further. These small particles are created in the air when speaking, breathing, coughing, sneezing and, above all, singing. In fact, there is a very high likelihood that normal speech in restricted environments will cause airborne transmission of these viruses.

In closed rooms they only disappear after 8 to 14 minutes and can even accumulate there for hours and be infectious. Thus, even maintaining the minimum distance is no longer sufficient. The cause is poorly or not at all ventilated rooms, because then the probability of transmission can exceed a distance of 2 m. In particular if the infectious person emits aerosols and the exposed person inhales a lot. However, a proper filter can reduce these harmful airborne germs. A particulate filter is particularly suitable for this. So-called particulate filters allow almost complete removal of submicron particles. Ultra-fine micro-glass papers are used, which are pleated to form filter media surfaces. This ensures a particularly long flow.

Kampmann has the to remove and filter these particles Air purifier KA-520, with HEPA filter (H14), designed. This ensures efficient air purification and counteracts bacteria and allergens. The air supplied is completely filtered and can then be released back into the room air. The KA-520 filters 99.995% of the particles out of the ambient air. Viruses, pollen, house dust, mites, bacteria and mold pores can also be filtered. Due to the different sizes L and XL, the KA-520 can be used in any space, whether hotel room or lobby. It also has a pre-filter and a filter change indicator.

In summary, it can be said that the coronavirus can spread through the air. The infected person can cough and sneeze out droplets that contain the virus and spread it to others. An air filter is an effective solution to catching these viruses. However, bound viruses cannot break away there. They are strongly bound to the fibers in the filter medium and once captured there, they stay in the air filter.

At this point, you can help improve the air quality by using an air purifier. These have a significantly higher filter efficiency and can always be used precisely where many people come together in a confined space (e.g. in the waiting room) and where it is therefore easy for the droplets to spread. Thanks to high air turnover and high filter efficiency, it is possible to reduce the contamination in such a room by 90% or more.

Used air filters should always be treated with a good hygienic practice. The filter change should always be carried out with full protective equipment including gloves, a respirator and protective goggles. Only after leaving the ventilation room should the equipment be put down again. After the used filter has been removed from the ventilation system, it must be placed in a well-sealed plastic bag. It is important that the SARS-CoV viruses can only be held back with the H14 filter for suspended matter, which is integrated in the KA-520 developed by Kampmann.

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