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The HEPA filter should be changed every six months, but no later than after 800 operating hours. A filter change is visually visualized on the device.

The pre-filter can be cleaned independently (e.g. with a vacuum cleaner). It is advisable to start with an interval of 1x per week and adjust as necessary.

Unfortunately we cannot give you an exact delivery time. This is always based on your individual order size.

An estimated delivery time is shown on our product page and in your confirmation of receipt of the order. As a rule we manage to undercut this time.

It is very important to us to deliver your items as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding in the event of delays. In the event of a delay, you will of course be informed.

No, the air purifier can only be obtained from our KA-520 air purifier shop.

We do not offer volume discounts. An identical price for all customers is justified by an excellent price / performance ratio.

Our online shop offers all common payment terms. These include: PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, immediate BACS payment and per invoice.

After completion, each filter is checked, confirmed and provided with DIN EN 1822.

A trolley can be purchased as an accessory for the L and XL models.

The XXL model comes with both feet and castors (two with brakes). These can be mounted instead of the feet.

Disposal can be done with normal household waste.

In general, there are no guidelines as to where the air purifier should be positioned. In order to offer high air quality, however, it must be ensured that there is air circulation. The better the air can circulate in the room, the more efficient the air purifier is.

It can and should be ventilated normally. The air purifier removes all possible pollutants from the room air, e.g. even pollen that gets into the room does not feed fresh air.

We cannot give promises or precise information regarding government aid. This point of view depends on the respective federal state.

When cleaning, the KA-520 relies on the filter function of the H14 filter, with a degree of separation of 99.995%. Additional exposure to UV-C light would have no additional benefit.

It is not necessary to kill viruses on the filter with UV-C rays, as the viruses die after a few hours on the filter (a virus cannot survive without a host).

The use of UV-C also harbors additional sources of danger, such as radiation and ozone formation. For this reason we decided against irradiation with UV-C.

We have one in our shop free "digital advertising package" compiled.

In addition to banners for your website and social media channels, you will also find text modules and an order form for printed products (stickers and table stands).

As a highlight, we offer you a modern and informative roll-up at a special price.

We always recommend taking all protective measures. In general, the well-known AHA + L rule applies and the air purifier cannot take over the L for ventilation. The air purifier helps to clean the room air from harmful aerosols.

No, the viruses in the filter are deactivated after a few hours and are harmless. It is recommended to wear normal protective clothing. This includes a mask and gloves, as other airborne impurities (bacteria, pollen, dust) have also accumulated in the filter.

You have further questions?

Feel free to contact us in our live chat, by phone (+49 591 7108-191) or Mail.

Our competent team of consultants is at your side for all questions relating to air purifiers.

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Instructions for changing the filter

In the video, our colleague shows you how easy it is to change the filter on the KA-520 air purifier.


In the video our colleague shows you how you can put the air purifier into operation.

Adjustment of air volumes

In the video, our colleague shows you how to adjust the air volumes.

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