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Kampmann - Exactly my climate.

Market leader for almost 50 years.

With 950 employees worldwide, Kampmann is one of the leading companies in the building services industry. Kampmann is the market leader in the field of underfloor convectors and holds a leading position in various market segments with its air conditioning systems for heating, cooling and ventilation.

our philosophy

Exactly my climate.

It is precisely this slogan that sets us apart. We provide you with a pleasant climate. As a family company, we also attach great importance to our social climate. Because respectful cooperation is important for everyone and promotes the quality of our products. With 950 employees worldwide and a total of 11 locations, we are a strong medium-sized company. In the commercial sector, we have already established ourselves as one of the leading companies in established in the building services industry. Air conditioning has been our specialty since 1972. And it is precisely this knowledge and experience that we have incorporated into the development of our KA-520 air purifier.

Convince yourself and create a feel-good atmosphere.

Research and Development Center

Kampmann demands the highest precision and quality in design and manufacture. Development is carried out in our own Research and Development Center (FEC) and is produced in Germany and Poland.

The Space flow laboratory serves for the real simulation of the air conditioning: walls, floor and ceiling can be heated / cooled independently of each other. Structural features are simulated and information about air currents and comfort is obtained.

Heart of the Multipurpose laboratories is the chamber test bench for standard-compliant measurement of fan and resistance characteristics as well as filters, flaps and ducts

300 mm concrete, 400 mm rock and glass wool as well as 450 mm wedge absorbers ensure the Sound measurement laboratory for absolute silence. The room needs this condition to measure the extremely quiet devices.

The air conditioning laboratory has numerous modern laboratory and testing facilities. Two multifunctional rooms, an acoustic laboratory and an area for testing ventilation components for the industrial sector are available for this purpose.

Sustainability and quality

Kampmann is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society and acts accordingly.

For us it is primarily about creating a good indoor climate. But in addition to the indoor climate, the global climate is also an important task. We therefore welcome the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and are doing our part to achieve the 2-degree target.

In terms of sustainability, we make sure that our products are as efficient as possible, have a long service life, are versatile and are made from recyclable materials.

Quality management
The ultimate goal is the perfect product. But standing still is going backwards. So for us, perfection is a process and not a one-off goal. And the process starts with the employees: The employees are actively asked to optimize production and reliably meet customer requirements. There is also a continuous improvement process.

As part of an energy-efficient company policy, Kampmann started a project in August 2013 to integrate an energy management system (EM).

Good choice.

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