Air purifier KA-520 in doctor's offices

Air purifiers: How to reduce the risk of infection in your practice

In these times, a comprehensive hygiene concept is more important than ever. It is advisable to clean the air of harmful aerosols, especially in the closed rooms of a doctor's office. An air purifier provides additional support to reduce the risk of infection. Air purifiers work on the principle of a vacuum cleaner. They suck in the air in the room and filter out everything that pollutes the air. These can be allergens, bacteria, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants. But viruses such as the coronavirus and influenza viruses are also filtered out of the air by high-quality air purifiers. These remain thanks to the Class H14 HEPA filters inside the case. Located in the center of the waiting room and the treatment rooms, an air purifier circulates the room air several times an hour according to its operating level, which makes a significantly positive contribution to the hygiene of the room air. This can help your patients protect themselves from aerosol infections.

What advantages air purifiers bring to your practice and, above all, what protection they offer: you will find all of this in a compact summary on this page.

The air purifier offers us the opportunity to meet again and work together. Carry out workshops, team meetings and the like again. Before the air purifier, that thought was a long way off. We are pleased that we are creating a technical possibility to offer a safe working environment in a situation that is new to us all.

Furniture Berning Lingen - Jürgen Tenfelde (management)
Our hygiene concept, as in all other fitness studios, is of course very important because we do sport in closed rooms. The Kampmann HEPA air purifier fits very well into the concept, because they are distributed over the entire training area and in operation during the entire opening time. The entire room air is made virus-free by the HEPA filter.

Injoy Lingen - Kay Wiethold (co-operator Injoy Lingen)
The air purifier is very powerful. The clean air is noticeable within a very short time. You can tell when you work in a hairdressing salon. This is just amazing. The air purifier is also super quiet and does not even interfere with normal operation.

Coiffeur M Wietmarschen / Lohne - Martina Lögering (owner)

This is how the KA-520 air purifier was developed

From OR device to mobile air purifier - this is how the development of the KA-520 air purifier can be summarized. This is what we dealt with at the beginning of 2020: an air conditioner that meets the highest hygiene requirements in operating theaters and other medical facilities. We were almost done when the coronavirus took hold of the world. While the direct transmission routes were initially the focus of the public and also the scientific discussion, we were already able to deal with aerosol transmission, or rather, its control. Because the adaptation from the clean room operating theater device to the mobile air purifier was not far for us.

It should be easy to use with a good price-performance ratio and fit into our company philosophy of offering low-noise air conditioning and ventilation technology. It is robust, which is also typical for a Kampmann device. In development, we were driven by our own standards as climate specialists and thus our responsibility to society. We believe in the advantages of technological progress and, with the knowledge of science and parallel studies of our KA-520 air purifier, we are convinced that we can make a decisive contribution to curbing the occurrence of infections.

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